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woodbine reindeer calf


We are proud to announce that Woodbine farm has been inspected and now holds the new Animal welfare licence for animals being exhibited. license No 19/02231/AWEA. 

Holding this is license is now law for any animal taken out on show and demonstrates our high standards of welfare.

Reindeer are part of our family and as such their Welfare is our top priority.

Our first 3 Reindeer originated from Sweden and in 2009 we started a successful breeding program, now, all but 3 of our 17 reindeer were bred here in the UK on our farm. 

Reindeer adapt extremely well to the climate here in the UK and are able to withstand the extreme temperatures of the Arctic Circle and our warm summers, in the spring they shed their antlers and moult their winter coats to reveal a soft thin summer coat.

Our reindeer run free on 14 acres of paddock all year round

and we encourage prospective customers to visit our reindeer in their natural surroundings and experience their high welfare.

Reindeer were domesticated over 3000 years ago and enjoy human interaction.

When out at events our reindeer are accompanied by two experienced handlers and spend no more that 5 hours on site before being transported back to their paddocks.

You will see how chilled and relaxed they are.

We work in conjunction with the RVC in London and a specialist local veterinary practice to ensure our reindeer remain in tip top health. 

All of the people we meet comment on how good and healthy our reindeer are.


Our Reindeer are protected under Animal Welfare and the Livestock Register.

We hold a performing animal licence that allows us to take the animals to events and have full public liability insurance for £10m.

If required we can also provide a sanitation hand wash station.

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